About Paediatric Clinic
- Dr Anupama Jaiswal

Dr Anupama Jaiswal

Dr. Anupama Jaiswal
MBBS , MD (Paediatric)
More than 10 years of experience
(Paediatrician and Neonatologist)
Owns a Paediatric Clinic named "Happy Children's Clinic" in Bengaluru

About Paediatric Clinic Doctor

A Paediatric Clinic named Happy Children’s Clinic in Kodigehalli, Bengaluru is owned by Dr. Anupama Jaiswal. She has done her postgraduate degree from a well reputed esteemed University- Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pune. After successful training, during which she worked in different subspecialities of paediatrics like Intensive Care Units(PICU& NICU), Paediatric Neurology, Nephrology, Hemato, Oncology etc., Dr Anupama also worked with Max Hospital, New Delhi . She started working as a Chief Consultant in a Charitable Hospital, which sees around 500 paediatric patients everyday. She was instrumental there in promoting breast feeding and vaccination of the newborn. She was incharge of neurological ward, which sees many seizure and other neurological patients. Not only she is academically sound but clinically adept. She believes in the dictum that correct diagnosis is the key step towards treating diseases. Presently she works in her own  Paediatric clinic-Happy Children’s Clinic. She is a Paediatric Doctor and Chief Consultant there.

About Paediatric Clinic

Paediatric Clinic in kodigehalli, Bangalore

Paediatric Clinic- Happy Children's clinic

The clinic is situated in main Sadarmangala Road, Kodigehalli, K R Puram area. Its one of its kind of  paediatric clinic in that area. It maintains clean and safe environment for child care. Its objectives are to provide appropriate paediatric care to all needy babies. It also strives to achieve the goal with Honesty and Compassion. In this era of information explosion, its good to have information about diseases. But more important is to have correct information. That is the MOTTO of Happy Children’s Clinic “Correct management & Information of the disease.”​ 

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